Monday, August 11, 2008

Still Running

So I realized that while I know all the titles for my blogs are song names, I would be willing to bet no one else does. They are the title of whatever song I happen to be listening to. Tonight, it's Still Running by Jon Foreman (ya know, the guy from Switchfoot?) he has a series of four EPs, Fall, Winter , Spring, and Summer, all of which are awesome and all of which you should have.

So it's kind of a weird feeling. Every night for the last week, various band friends have come up to me and a very good friend, S, and they have invited her to stuff after camp, and completely ignored me. This is really unsettling, because I finally was happy with where I was and felt really loved and all that stuff. I mean, I've always made friends fast and stuff, but I always have to work to get certain friends. And I have finally worked up to be in really good with everyone I wanted to be friends with. Until band starts up again and I realize no one really cares about me.

It's very upsetting.

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