Wednesday, August 6, 2008


My mother has taken away my phone until I clean my room. This worries me.

I was really hopping to get a job this semester, so I could get a car and have my own money and finally gain some independence. Because that's all I have ever really wanted, is independence. And that seems to be the one thing my mom can't give me.

Because let's have an example of why I want some freedom. I wanted to go to a meeting about volunteering locally tomorrow, and so I asked my mom if it was cool. I wasn't even going to but I figured it would be polite. Well, she said I was trying to do to much and I overstretched all ready anyways and that I would have to beg a ride off someone because I didn't have my own car. I mean, what kind of mother won't let her daughter volunteer? Gee, it's a good thing I'm not in National Honor Society. She would have had a cow over that.

Well, that's just one reason why I wanted a job. Plus I just feel really coddled and stupid when I have to ask my mom for money. But, we have both now come to terms with the fact that I have no time for it. So she decided that if I did chores around the house, she would give me an allowance. Which nearly made me barf. I mean, I want more independence, not less! I reeled at the idea and refused to consider for a moment. But then I caved. I mean, money is money, right? And even though my mother now controls even more of my pitiful life, sooner or later my schedule will lighten up. Next semester, in fact. After Christmas I will have my Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays back because band will be over, and then I can get a job. And hopefully my own car. But that's prolly a long shot...

Twilight Review *Warning, Spoilers!!*

I am so disappointed in Stephenie Meyers. One of the reasons I loved the Twilight books so much (and I'm about to sound like a total innocent Christan girl, but bear with me) is because it was a really good love story, one of the best I'd ever come across, and it didn't have any awkward sex chapters anywhere! I mean, that's like pure gold if you're like me, and that stuff still makes you uncomfortable. There was a complete... trust, I suppose would be the right word, of Edward. And, while I was completely in love with Edward in every way possible, it weirded me out to read (or rather skim, because I was uncomfortable) the intimate parts between him and Bella. I'm glad good ol' Steph didn't elaborate much, but what she put in there was enough to make me angry.

In short, I didn't like who sex driven the whole thing was.

Next : BELLA A MOTHER?? I used to connect with her so much! I mean, there is a little bit of Bella in every pre teen/ teenage girl on the planet, but the moment she became pregnant, I could no longer relate to her at all. Especially as someone who isn't crazy about kids.

Renesmee? Are you kidding me? Did Stephenie run out of cool names? I much prefer Nessie, even though I always think of a Scottish man yelling "WHOA, NESSIE!!" whenever I hear it.

I used to be a Jacob fan. I mean, I was totally in love with Edward, no doubt, but I totally thought she should go for Jacob, the man who didn't need to turn her into some freak of nature just so they could be together. He didn't scare me like Edward did (even though that's part of the fun of Edwards character) and he seemed to big and gentle. Or maybe it's because I have a thing for tall guys. But the moment I realized he was going to imprint on Bella's kid (which was right after she became pregnant, I think) I totally wasn't feeling it anymore. So that was disappointing, because Jacob was my perfect man in every way possible. Except for long hair, I hate long hair.

So, I know it sounds like I didn't like the book, I did. I was glad to see Edward and Bella married. Even though I openly resent marriage, I guess a part of me wanted to see it happen. And getting to actually read about Bell a being a vamp was cool, along with her power, which pretty much kicked ass. Over all, I was satisfied with the end of my favorite series. I felt like it was over, resolved. It didn't leave me wanting more, because I was happy with the ending.

But I really didn't like some of the major points, and I'm a little disappointed in the woman I thought I knew really well. If any of you have read The Catcher in the Rye, you will understand me when I said I wanted to call her up and have a chat.

I guess she probably folded to the pressure from the outside world to come up with something shocking, and put sex in her books. And I honestly can't blame her for that... but at the same time, I really wish it hadn't been like that.

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Can't Jump For Joy said...

I must disagree with you on the sex point. Everyone knew Edward and Bella were going to have sex if Bella ended up with Edward, which I must admit I was against. It was inevitable. A given. So I think Meyer handled it quite gracefully. Had I no idea what sex looked like, Breaking Dawn wouldn't have given me one, which is great. The only line I cringed at was the one where Edward explains why the headboard is so damaged.....gross. But otherwise, I was only given the emotions Bella felt during the act--the immense love and need--not what was actually taking place. That was the one part of Breaking Dawn that made me feel like Meyer had talent.

I hate Renesmee. Her existence is wrong and, as a reader, my trust feels violated because she exists. Vampires shoot blanks. I hate that Jacob imprinted on her (for I love Jacob♥), but I do like how I got to know how that felt for Jacob. "Snip, snip, snip..."

What really pissed me off, though were those two-hundred something pages of pure, boring happiness. Blech!