Monday, November 24, 2008

Slave to the arts

Recent Works

T-shirt desgin for my youth service. dubbed 'to strange'

one of my mom's birthday presents. It's hanging on her wall.

First thing I ever did for fun on photoshop. Kick ass, no?

A poster design for my friend's band. Working on t-shirts as we speak.

I made a back-ground for my computer. :))


It's been a super long time since I posted.

Updates on my life since then :

School sucks. My classes are hard, my teachers are mean, my grades are barely acceptable.

The camp high from bigstuf began to wear off, and I started to slide downhill. Thanks to my close-knit group of friends, I've managed to stay focused on what matters most, and keep my life (however pathetic it may have become) all about God. Our youth service continues to get bigger, which makes me very happy, since I invite people all the time and get used to hearing 'hell no'.

I am obsessed with photoshop. :)

I got a job at a fast food place. It's slowly destroying my soul.

I have a very adorable boyfriend. XD

My best friend is moving in a little more than a month. TO OKLAHOMA. Who the heck up and moves to Oklahoma? I have no idea how I shall ever survive without her. She keeps me grounded, reminds me what I really need to be focused on, and that sort of thing.

Slowly but surely, my dream of becoming a missionary got flushed down the toilet. My mom told me she wouldn't pay for me to go to the christian college I want to attend, and that she would never support my decision to 'waste my life in the woods with savages'. Her words sting like GETTING MY BRACES OFF did. I still don't know what to do about this, whether I should stick with my dream or go be a graphic designer like she expects me to be. I don't know what God wants, yet.

So yeah. Life goes on outside of the blog word (shocking, I know). I'm going to try and keep up with this, but who knows.